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A day in the studio

Enter Photoworld



Via Phone

“Esther was super easy to talk to. We discussed which styles, poses, and colors would suit my child best. What blew me away was her commitment to the success of the photoshoot. She offered to have us come for a 15-minute explore-the-studio visit so my toddler can get comfortable"

“Your son’s brown eyes will pop against a white knit.” -Esther


In the studio or nature park

“I was so disappointed. I couldn’t get my son to stop crying, let alone act himself. Esther, though, remained cool-headed. She kindly sat me down on a nearby chair with refreshments and took over the situation. She handed him some toys and began to play peek-a-boo. It was amazing to watch the transformation.”

“He screws up his pudgy nose, and his innocent brown eyes open wide. Instantly, I know that that is what I want to capture.” -Esther 


In the viewing room

“Honestly, I was nervous about this showtime in her studio. I really didn’t want some pushy photographer standing over my head as I chose pictures and products. Esther was just fabulous. She intuitively knew exactly when to enter the room and when to leave”

“I want my clients to choose the products and pictures that they love.” -Esther

Final Product

“Awestruck! I'll let the masterpiece do the talking.”


“First there’s my camera,
  and then there’s me”

- Esther Weisberg 

 Ever since I can remember I was intrigued by the camera. How it can capture the essence of a person, and preserve it forever. As I got older I turned my hobby into passion and then profession.

I attended my first photography course in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. 5 years, 3 children of my own, and 225 cIients later I still love making my clients smile every day.

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