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Newborn Photography

services offered by Ocean County Newborn Photographer Esther Weisburg

The whiff of your newborn, preserved forever


“Being just a few weeks postpartum, I appreciated her quick work.

We did a newborn photoshoot on a scorching summer day. Esther was professional and kept her cool with my kids. Being just a few weeks postpartum I really appreciated her quick work. The final pictures are truly show-off worthy."

- Hannah E

“Her studio is up-to-date with all the latest props and trends.

I did a newborn shoot with Esther and was beyond impressed. She had all the time and patience during the shoot and while we reviewed the pics. Her studio is up to date with all the latest props and trends. I can’t wait to be back for another shoot."

- Leah Eisenberg

“She is super talented and was gentle and cuddly with my baby throughout.

We did a newborn photoshoot with Esther and the experience was truly 5 stars. She is super talented and was gentle and cuddly with my baby throughout. The pictures came out gorgeous and I will definitely be using her again!"

- Esther Friedman
Prepare For Newborn Session
How to prepare for your newborn photo session

So it’s all joy and no stress


Book before the baby is born

When you’re postpartum, even booking an appointment can be stressful.

(No worries, we don’t expect you to have an exact date. We put away a slot within the 3-week range of your due date.)

Pro Tip:

2 weeks is the charm. Your baby is sleepy and naturally likes a curled and cuddled position, which makes for the perfect newborn shots.


Bathe and feed the baby one hour prior to coming

So he’s all prince (read: well-fed and sleepy) when we shoot.

Pro Tip:

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your baby will still be fussy or crying.  Don’t stress. Many babies do that and still get beautiful photos.


Bring the baby, the paci, and nothing else

The studio is outfitted with a large selection of baby swaddles, hats, and other gear

to match the colors and poses you’ve chosen.

Pro Tip:

Email us some pictures of poses you’ve seen, or backgrounds you like, so we can get you the pictures you’re dreaming of.


Relax as I do what I love most

Hot drinks and refreshments are available in the mommy section of our studio,

courtesy of Esther Weisberg Photography.

Pro Tip:

If you’d like to have a picture of your baby with their favorite auntie or best Bobby, just bring them along. 

That’s a bonus newborns get just because I love them — and it’s on the house.

Photoshoots are not timed 
(Please allow for 2-3 hours)


I understand that newborns are unpredictable and expect that the baby might be fussy and hungry during the photo shoot.

In the studio, we let babies be babies and structure our sessions to suit them.

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